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Hello everone, I am SamwiseFilmore!!! I am a Administrator (and Bureaucrat) on this wiki! I do all the work here, and any of you who wants to can give me a hand! Hopefully people actually read this...

If you have any questions about anything on this wiki, contact me on my talk page!

Favorites In the Mod

  • Steam Train - BR01
  • Diesel Train - V60
  • Electric Train - VL10
  • Track Piece - Parallel Switch
  • Structure - Village Station
  • Block - Ballast

Fun Facts

  • I live in the United States of America
  • I love almost all fantasy book series out there.
  • I have a cat that likes to eat people, and I love cats.
  • I write in cursive and dwarven moon runes (from LOTR).
  • I love Doctor Who, as is obvious by my profile picture.
  • I love winter.
  • I won the National Geographic Bee at my Junior High School a few years ago, and then went to state.
  • I love music and used to be a part of an amazing school orchestra.
  • I consider myself an amateur woodworker, and I love wood.

What I would Like to see Implemented in the Mod


  • Less Bugs

Not Planned

  • More Track shapes
Staff of Traincraft and the Traincraft Wiki

Coders: MrBrutal
Textures: MrBrutal
Models: MrBrutal
Sound files: MrBrutal

Wiki Admins: SamwiseFilmore

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